Lay By Terms and Conditions

Affordable Bridal Pty Ltd Lay By Terms and Conditions

The following Terms are in addition to the Terms and Conditions of Sale provided by Affordable Bridal Pty Ltd.

A Lay By service can be provided after the initial payment of 50% has been made and must be discussed at the original purchase of the gown. A Lay By cannot be applied for once a gown has already arrived in store. The balance of the account must then be paid off in instalments withing a three month period, or otherwise agreed timeframe. Once again, please note that items unclaimed after a period of three months may be treated as abandoned goods or have storage fees applied.

Please be aware that once you pay a deposit, you are locked into purchasing the items as specified on your signed invoice and if you cancel, you will lose any and all of your deposit up to 50% the value of the gown. Any amounts over 50% will be refunded. This is due to the cost of ordering your size and particular style and/or colour. This also applies to gowns purchased ‘off the rack’ as they are removed from sale when the deposit is paid.